Standard Chrome Cobalt Dentures

We can supply BEGO wironit chromes produced for our standard partials range which offer high quality chrome framework at affordable prices. These:

  • Are stronger and more durable than standard plastic dentures.
  • Are an excellent choice for partial dentures as they allow more of the patients mouth palate to be exposed thereby allowing a greater sense of taste when eating.
  • Are much stronger than acrylic dentures therefore are suitable for people whos dentures frequently break.

Vitallium Chromes

With its improved physical properties and handling characteristics, Vitallium is the supplied choice for all of Devonshire House Dental Labs Private Chromes.

The composition of this alloy has been designed to maintain a great strength while improving virtually all of its working characteristics.

Vitallium 2000´s tensile strength of over 855 MPa´s makes it extremely fracture-resistant, It is also far lighter than our Standard Chromes

The lower Vickers Hardness minimizes abrasion on opposing dentition, and, coupled with a yield strength of over 600 MPa's, Vitallium 2000 resists permanent deformation.

These improved physical properties provide your patient with a partial of extraordinary strength, superior fracture resistance and smaller, lighter design applications.




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