Emax Crowns

IPS E.Max has been designed with simplicity and versatility in mind. IPS E.max allows you to select the most appropriate material – either high strength Zirconium Oxide or Glass Ceramic. A single layering ceramic by the technician provides the ultimate restoration.

IPS E.Max Ceram

           ceram   ceram1

  • IPS e.max ceram is a nano-fluroapatite layering ceramic   
  • It can be layered on all e,max components including high strength glass ceramic and zirconium oxide
  • It has predictable results regardless of the substructure material used since it can be layered on all IPs e.max components
  • It can also be layered on most commonly used zirconium oxide substructures
  • Indicated for layered veneers


          cad2   cad1

  • High strength glass-ceramic block for superior aesthetics
  • Indicated for single unit anterior and premolar substructures
  • Suitable for implant substructures for single tooth restorations
  • Absence of shrinkage that optimises the fit of the restoration



  • Prlingered, yttrium-stabalised zirconium oxide block for the CAD / CAM technique
  • With a flexural strength of over 900 MPa, it offers a fracture toughness more than twice that of glass-infiltrated ceramics
  • Ideal for high strength crown substructures
  • Indicated for 3-unit or 4-unit bridge frameworks and inlay-retained bridges

IPS E.Max Press


  • Pressable technology delivering the ultimate in fit, strength and aesthetics
  • High strength glass ceramic ingot offering the greatest strength
  • 400 MPa flexural strength
  • Indicated for fabricating single tooth anterior and posterior crown substructures and 3-unit anterior bridges
  • Suitable for implant superstuctures for single tooth restoration

IPS E.Max ZirPress


  • Fluorapatite glass ceramic that offers outstanding lifelike aesthetics
  • Indicated for the press to zirconia technique which allows for the the fit of a pressable ceramic while achieving high strength with the zirconia
  • Ideally suited to either a cut back technique or a fully anatomical technique



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