Enigma Life Dentures

Our mid range of dentures use the Enigma Life Cosmetic Denture System which will enhance your confidence and appearance. Our Clinical Dental Technician uses this life-like range of new Enigmalife denture teeth which have been inspired by nature and designed for living.

The CDT will use traditional techniques which have been greatly enhanced by this new range of tooth line where a greater attention has been given to their beauty. Not only do Enigma Life Dentures feel like your own teeth, they also help them regain their appearance and function.

They come in 16 different shades, including 2 extra white shades and are supported by naturally coloured gum work and a higher standard of high impact plastic.
Time Scale 4 Weeks

Upper and Lower Dentures  = £990
Upper or Lower Denture      = £580

Guarantee   1 Year



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