Partial Dentures

For patients with natural teeth present there are a number of different denture choices now available for patients wanting to fill gaps in their present dentition. A poorly designed denture can have an impact on the rest of your natural teeth so it is important that we provide you with the most appropriate treatment options.

For partial denture patients with natural teeth it is important that we receive a referral form from a dentist to provide us with sound information that your current teeth are in a good state before proceeding with one of the following options. If for whatever reason you don’t have a dentist we can refer you ourselves to several dentists in our area.

Please download a Referral form from Here

Acrylic Dentures

Acrylic Dentures are the most economical form of plastic dentures. We provide options for dentures with Natura or Enigma Teeth with the base plastic been a high impact plastic called Enigma High Base. We match your natural teeth shade with our 16 tooth shade guide for the best match possible

Time Scale 1-4 Weeks

Costs – From £150

Flexible Dentures


We use the original Valplast form of Flexible material which has stood the test of time. There are no unsightly clasps and are metal free, monomer free and Acrylic free. The valplast material is also guaranteed against breakage. However, the teeth are not guaranteed. For patients without any heavy bite these dentures are now a suitable option.

Time Scale 2-5 Weeks

Costs – From £350

Chrome Dentures

Chrome dentures are stronger and more durable than standard plastic dentures. They allow more of the patient’s mouth to be more exposed allowing a greater sense of taste when eating. All chromes are made from Vitallium a lighter and extremely fracture resistant material. 

Time Scale 4-6 Weeks 

Costs – From £500

Bio-Dentaplast Frame Dentures

A fairly new material in the UK since 2001 – Bio-dentaplast is metal free, light weight and can be designed very similar to a chrome denture.n It is slightly flexible but not as flexible as Valplast and has clasps which are tooth coloured so unlike chrome where clasps are noticeable against the tooth these are less easy to see.

Time Scale 4-5 Weeks

Costs – From £450


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