Denture Implants
These can change lives in a big way, they can also help patients improve their nutrition, activities and self confidence and in doing so improve their overall health.

Loose dentures can now also be fixed in place by anchoring an implant into your jaw bone. Known as an abutment, this implant works similar to a stud, and can look like a small bar. It acts as a locator and is then used to secure in place the new fixed prosthesis, once these implants have integrated into the bone. Paul Walkington our CDT will then work directly with you to complete your premium prosthesis.

We work with several Implant Dentists in Cumbria and South West Scotland and can discuss with you referrals to these oral surgeons. Working together with the Implant Dental Surgeons we can really create a cosmetic and highly functional prosthesis.

With the use of the fast & fixed comprehensive system immediate implant placement becomes an option. This system allows the patient to have fixed teeth the same day.



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