Pro-form's Anti-snoring Device

The Pro-form ASD is a remarkably comfortable mouthguard styled device that has prevented or reduced snoring in over 70% of the patients who use it! How the Pro-form ASD works

The Pro-form ASD can be constructed by Devenshire House Dental Laboratory using a unique thermo laminate which is vacuum-formed onto the upper cast. A repositioning acrylic ramp is then added which when used gently positions the lower jaw forwards. This opens up the aptients lower jaw and moves it forward, thus increasing the opening at the back of the throat for more airway passage space. An increase opening allows more oxygen into the lungs, which lessens the vibrating tissue at the back of the throat. Allowing for a Good Night's Sleep


The New Anti-snoring Device

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The Myerson Elastic Mandibular Advancement (EMA) appliance is a simple, patient-friendly oral appliance created for non-invasive treatment of snoring. The design is brilliantly simple, extremely stable and allows for adjustability through the interchangeable elastic straps.

The EMA, which is formed from a dental impression, resembles and fits like a retainer. The primary treatment mechanism of opening the bite and gently moving the mandible forward is achieved with the use of occlusal bite pads and the interchangeable elastic straps that offer varying degrees of mandibular advancement. This positioning of the mandible causes a forward movement of the tongue, re-opening the air flow through the oral pharynx (back of the throat). The flexibility of these elastic straps provides lateral movement and overall TMJ comfort.

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