Digital CADCAM

As digital technology moves forwards into Dentistry. We have invested into the Digital CADCAM world. This added technology in the lab allows us to increase the overall accuracy and add produces for us to use.

We use the E3 - 3 Shape scanners which can accept any STL Files. We design all the digital prosthetics in house and have them either milled using the very latest PM7 mills or 3d printed. Appliance options include

Digital - Lazer Sintered Printed Chromes
Digital - Ultaire AKP Frames
Digital - Zirlux Acetal Frames and Splints
Digital - 3D Printed Models
Digital - IPS Emax CAD Crowns
Digital - Full Denture
Digital - Zirconia Crowns
Digital - Special Trays

Please contact our digital team to discuss the options for your restorations.

To benefit for the above materials you can send a traditional impression which we can scan for you or ideally for those with an intra oral scanners you can just send the file