It seems logical that because a patient's mouth is flexible, a rigid metal-based partial or rigid Acrylic partial would not be well suited to its form and function. That's what inspired Valplast to create the flexible denture. Although the material has been used throughout America since 1954 it has only been used in the UK since 2005.



Rigid RPDs are held in place by support and retention devices that leverage tooth surfaces to distribute the masticatory load. Valplast developed a higher standard of performance by utilising a flexible material to replace the retentive arms and reduce stresses on natural teeth The concept uses the the flexibility of the material to balance the stress load over the entire supporting ridge instead of individual rigid support points. As a result, the patient is more comfortable and has a stronger, better looking and functioning appliance.

To hold them in place, traditional rigid partials have noticeable, unattractive metal clasps across the front surface of the natural teeth, which may, over time, cause damage to the tooth surfaces and reduce the stability of the supporting teeth. Valplast's unique material blends with the natural tissue providing virtually invisible support and a more pleasing smile.

Dentists are now prescribing flexible partials for dentures, for the following reasons:

1) No unsightly metal clasps
2) Smaller and lighter than Traditional Acrylic or Chrome frameworks
3) Metal Free, Monomer Free, Acrylic Free
4) Teeth can be added to Valplast partials
5) Non-Invasive Clinical procedures
6) Less chairside time than rigid partials
7) 100% Guarantee against Valplast fracture


Devonshire House Dental Laboratory is the only certified Valplast Laboratory in Cumbria, having over 10 year’s experience supplying to the Dental Profession.

Our expert technicians have completed the comprehensive, hands-on training course and have met the required standard.

We also visit dental practices to provide a 1hour seminar and to answer any of your questions regarding this material. We have been producing Valplast partials since 2009

All our Valplast partials are returned with the Valplast Guarantee which gives the patient information on how to care for their new Valplast and to prove that they are a genuine Valplast denture.