Deluxe Dentures

Our deluxe ranges of dentures are inspired by the NEW (2015) Enigmalife+ range of denture teeth. These teeth have been inspired by nature and designed for living. Never before has a new range of denture teeth had such impact, with greater attention given to their natural beauty.
Not only does Enigmalife+ look and feel like your own teeth, they help them regain their appearance and function. We use these teeth as we believe that they set the new standard in the choice of private teeth where you want to provide the very best dentures for your patients.

Enigmalife+ have been specially designed to take into account the real conditions in the mouth. Since different areas of the mouth are subjected to different forces. At the front the mouth teeth come under lateral forces and can chip but rarely wear. Enigma life anteriors are therefore made using a tough PMMA based copolymer using PMMA pearls. At the back of the mouth teeth will wear but will rarely chip. Enigmalife posteriors have addressed this through a tough composite formulation combining a double cross linked acrylate copolymer, UDMA resin, nano hybrid fillers and PMMA pearls.

You therefore end up with resilience in the anteriors and incredible wear resistance in the posteriors.

The Enigmalife shade system gives you a choice of sixteen A-D Shades together with two bleach shades.
Enigmalife dentures are also supported by Enigma High Base a tougher, specialised acrylic base material which has up to twice the resistance to denture breakage than our standard pink acrylic. All deluxe dentures if required are naturally contouring to a more natural appearance. Colour toning to enhance the final finished cosmetic look, can also be included.